.40 Caliber Ammunition Next Target of Gun Control Groups

by Chong Wong, Politicoat 3/29/2015
     The New York-based States United to Prevent Gun Violence is seeking an unconditional ban on .40 caliber handgun ammunition. The ammunition, officially known as .40 Caliber Smith and Wesson, is common among law enforcement but has recently been used in a number of high-profile mass shootings where no one died.   

“This shit just doesn’t kill anybody,” said Jason Blair of States United to Prevent Gun Violence. “Do you know how hard it is to raise money after a shooting where nobody died?” lamented the 33-year-old gun control activist. 

Blair referenced a recent shooting of seven spring breakers in Panama City, Florida who were treated and released after David Jarmichael Daniels used a .40-caliber pistol to “break up” an Alabama A&M University house party. Currently Daniels is being held on seven counts of merely attempted murder, which infuriates anti-gun activists like Blair.

Jan Miller with Everytown for Gun Safety agrees, “This bullet has been a nightmare for gun control groups,” said Miller. “Before the Panama City shooting there was Ferguson,” citing the arrest of Jeffrey Williams who shot but only wounded two MO police officers with a .40 caliber handgun on March 12. “I really don’t see the logic of creating a bullet that doesn’t kill anyone. What were ammo manufacturers thinking?”Gun Control activists believe that, due to the popularity and proliferation of .40 caliber handguns, banning the ammuniton will be a daunting task. Harry Putup of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence said, “We’re not saying this is going to be easy. This weak, inadequate ammunition is everywhere. But more .40 caliber means fewer dead people, and we can’t have that.”

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