A Sincere Apology From Politicoat

Senior Editor, Politicoat Saturday 4/23/2016

    In a recent article (Black Race Industry Saves Prince) Politicoat reporter Tyrone Watts used language considered racist and demeaning to whites and people with no athletic or rhythmic ability.

Politicoat sincerely apologizes for the offensive content of this article and would like to ensure our many loyal readers we are doing everything possible to be less racist and listen more closely to the needs of colored people like Tyrone.

Starting next week our company will make a number of changes, and host a number of events, so that Tyrone, our only African American team member, will feel more comfortable at Politicoat and less intimidated by our white and non-African American institutional racism.

In addition to hiring professional race sensitivity councilors, to meet and educate our non-African American staff to be less racist, Politicoat offices will observe Black History Month every month of the year.

Additionally we will celebrate every nation on the continent of Africa by requiring each member of our staff to study and dress in the clothing of an African nation of Tyrone’s choosing.

We, again, sincerely apologize to Tyrone Watts for provoking him with our natural white inclination toward racism and to our readers who feel that we, in our discrimination, failed to meet Tyrone’s needs.

Please know that Politicoat is doing everything to ensure we are the most sensitive, least-offensive, and most politically correct news organization on your reading list and have absolutely no interest in owning black slaves.

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