Another Sincere Apology From Politicoat

 Senior Editor, Politicaot Monday 5/30/2016 

     In a recent article (‘Kimmel’ Cancels Belly and The Weekend, Books Trump)Politocaot reporter Lance Blanchard conveyed language considered demeaning to supporters of 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

The Politicoat editorial board sincerely apologizes for the offensive content of Mr. Blanchard’s article and ensures our many loyal readers and subscribers that we, your trusted source for politically correct news and transgender sensitivity, will, from this day forward, do everything possible to become more sensitive to the sensitivities of all bitches, niggas, and hoes supporting BS for President.

Starting this week all Politicoat employees will begin participating in a number of activities bringing awareness to issues most important to Sanders supporters including vandalizing American war monuments with graffiti, toppling and burning police cars while violently disrupting Donald Trump campaign events, organizing anti-free speech demonstrations on college campuses, all while demanding $15 an hour and consumables provided free of charge.

Please know that Politicoat, your news organization, is willing to bend over backwards, or forwards, to become more inclusive and tolerant toward the thousands of bitches, niggas, and hoes supporting Senator Sanders during this presidential election cycle.

Lastly, Politicaot extends a hand of reconciliation to our illegal alien wetback friends who, between raping and murdering American citizens, might have, through a government-provided interpreter, also found the content of Mr. Blanchard’s article offensive.

Thank you for your understanding and readership!


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