Belgian Interior Minister Defends Dancing Muslims

Demonstrating with Dance: Belgian Interior Minister Jambon says he’s “down” with Molenbeek Muslims

by Tyrone Watts, Politicoat Sunday 4/17/2016

     Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon made headlines this week when he blamed his own  Islamophobic citizens, who selfishly object to being shot, blown up, and raped by violent immigrants, for failing to properly integrate Muslims into European society.

The accusation came after video showing Muslims in Belgium’s Molenbeek municipality dancing in the streets following terror attacks that killed 32 and injured 300 in Brussels on 22 March.

Jambon said that a significant portion of the Muslim community, in Europe for the sole purpose of replacing Western civilization with Sharia law, had been dancing in the streets after news of the bombings became known but placed blame, for the failure to integrate Muslims into a culture they are taught is satanic and deserving of destruction, solely at the feet of his own government and people.

Critics of the functionally-retarded liberal politician say Jambon ignores how Muslim immigrants, regardless of generation, do not come to Europe to integrate or, in any way, contribute to the advancement of open, democratic society, but to erase Western values and influence from the region.

In response Jambon reiterated how the ongoing culture clash with Islam is the failure of Belgium to incorporate Muslims yet provided no guidance on how his ministry, or Belgian society, is to absorb hoards of irrational, illiterate foreigners who, with IQ 20 points below the average Belgian, originate from the most socially traumatized shit holes on earth.

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