Black Race Industry Saves Prince

by Tyrone Watts, Politicoat Friday 4/22/2016

     Minutes after learning music artist Prince died at his Paisley Park Studios, the well-oiled machine of the Black Industrial Race Complex swooped in to solidify the lineage of the late rocker as a beacon of the insatiable forced tolerance movement.

White news anchors, tainted by their heritage of slave ownership and blinding hatred for colored people, were justifiably yanked from news desks and replaced with black media activists so as to not soil the legacy of another deceased black super talent with white, racist words that could never, ever, ever convey the plight of social warriors, like Prince, in systemically racist post-emancipation America.

According to the likes or Toure and Don Lemon, it makes no never mind that the seven time Grammy-winning Prince was listened to by more white people than Billy Graham, combined a multitude of musical styles, and staged live performances with more half-naked white women than a Slovenian swimsuit contest. To these BLM activists of the airwaves, Prince is not a success story of effort and talent but one of struggle to reach the plantation porch of the white entertainment industry.

This reporter recently took to the streets to ask some white motherfuckers what they think of Prince’s passing. One white bitch said, “I never thought of Prince as black until being constantly reminded by the African American political machine. I just saw him as an amazing talent.” Can you believe that shit?

Another white fool, when asked his perspective, replied, “I think we should recognize Prince for his extraordinary abilities, not make him into a pawn for political reasons.” Racist idiot.

Prince, like it or not, has become the latest installment of the eternal black civil rights struggle that will endure until white people, who dream of owning black slaves, are mentally reconditioned, deprived of all their stuff, or die of old age.

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