BREAKING! Fake News Network Wants To Offline Fake News

-Major media worried. Viewers tuned out years ago. Insider calls big fake media giant echo chamber. “All we do is read each other’s shit and talk amongst ourselves.”

by Jose Ramirez, Politicoat Friday 11/18/2016

Washington DC – Vigorously bitching about access regular Americans have to freedoms protected by the First Amendment, fake news network MSNBC recently devoted a series of segments criticizing fake news websites that circulate articles on Facebook and Twitter.

Unable to accept the 2016 election results, that obviated their relevance, fake news anchors F Chuck Todd and Transgender Confusion Chris Hayes attributed the loss of their viewers to fake news websites dominating social media.

During a recent segment Transgender Confusion asserted Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg “crack down” on fake news websites that use social media to spread fake stories while allowing fake news networks, like MSNBC, CNN, and NBC, to freely disseminate disinformation.

This presidential election was a barfing repudiation of the left’s entire Marxist agenda,” said Politicoat Senior Editor Paul Bernstein. “It was a total rejection of Obama, Clinton, the Democrat party, and the big fake news networks that were mouthpieces for all the aforementioned.”

Bernstein contends the post election temper tantrum among fake news networks is an overreaction to how meaningless they have become to American voters.

“Wrap your head around the irony of a fake news network like MSNBC doing hit pieces on fake news websites taking over social media,” Bernstein followed.  

Bernstein is not alone in his assessment of fake news networks being on the ropes as fake news websites eat away at what was once a disinformation monopoly.

In a recent Youtub rant social justice warrior and internet sensation Pamela Martin, who swore to kill herself when Hillary Clinton lost the White House, but didn’t, screamed, “These fucking news networks just can’t get over how fucking useless they’ve become! I swear to god they will ask for government subsidies to survive, and I’m not fucking kidding!”

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