Bullshit Liberal Feelgood Story Of The Week: Obama Japan Visit

Okay, dude, no hugging. It’s Japan. 可笑しいよ
by Paul Bernstein, Politicoat Sunday 5/29/2016

     What better way for a narcissistic Alinskyite who hates the United States to express himself than spending the week before America’s most sacred remembrance of US war dead apologizing to nations militarily responsible for thousands of American KIAs?


This week Kenyan-born political mishap Barack Obama took his apology tour to the Japanese archipelago. Immediately upon arriving in Japan President Reprobate issued, without our approval, a direct American apology for the murder of Okinawan woman Rina Shimabukuro, despite the suspect, American national Kenneth Shinzato, having a Japanese family name, legal residency in Okinawa, and total lack of evidence the American people, on behalf of who Obama apologized, had anything to do with the young Japanese woman’s death.

Moving onto Hiroshima Obama humiliated himself, and the nation he represents, with socially despicable ignorance of Japanese culture by bowing to teenage high school students and publicly embracing a Japanese senior citizen.

Saving his best “screw you America” for for last, Emperor Obama gave a speech at the Hiroshima atomic bomb memorial where he employed every word in human communication to say ‘sorry America bombed you’ without directly saying “sorry America bombed you”.

Like all dangerously ignorant Marxists, Obama, a foreigner to both the United States and Japan, discounted and second-guessed America’s dealings with WWII Japanese that, by 1945, had lived under various forms of authoritarian military governance for over 760 years.

With his pre-Memorial Day apology tour, President Dumbo Ears demonstrated congratulatory levels of ignorance, disinformation, and cluster fuckage grasping recognition as the news cycle’s best Bullshit Liberal Feelgood Story of the week.

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