Chris Rock Arrested in Ferguson Police Shooting

by Lance Blanchard, Politicoat 3/16/2015
      Anti-gun activist and once amusing SNL comedian Chris Rock was arrested late Saturday for firing the bullets that struck two St. Louis police officers during a March 12 protest at the Ferguson, MO Police headquarters. Investigators initially believed “Homie The Marksman” to be responsible for the shooting, but now say the evidence pointing to Rock is overwhelming. 
“The gun and ammunition in Mr. Rock’s possession during his arrest match the shell casings and bullets recovered on scene,” said Lieutenant Jay Parker of the Missouri State Police. When asked about his department’s mistaken investigation of Homie The Marksman, Lt. Parker offered, “sorry Homie.”Rock, who said he was ‘home getting high’ at the time of his arrest, claimed he took a break from evading police due to the expectation his pursuers would “take the weekend off.” In a statement from jail where he awaits arraignment, Mr. Rock furthermore claimed the officers struck by his gunfire “wuzn’t even the mothafuckas I’z tryin’ ta shoot.”The Obama administration’s Department of Justice is promising a thorough investigation into the shooting to determine if any of Rock’s civil rights were violated. “We’ll be looking into the possibility that Mr. Rock’s rights may have been violated by the gun he used or the officers he shot,” said constantly departing DOJ chief Eric Holder. “We can’t rule out anything in a nation policed by racist white cops.” 

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