Clinton Chairman Podesta Touts Hillary’s Foreign Policy Cred

by Chong Wong, Politicoat Monday 6/6/2016

     Clinton 2016 Campaign Chairman John Podesta graced the political TV circuit Sunday promoting the multiple foreign policy achievements of Hillary Clinton as the most traveled and pampered kleptocrat to ever hold office at the US State Department.

The former Obama adviser and founder of the Center for Real American Progress, or CRAP, was animate about Mrs. Clinton’s record as Secretary of State, readily discussing the successes his candidate overlooked during her foreign policy speech where she referred to Donald Trump a ‘global lightweight with small hands.’

Podesta, whose CRAP promotes US government accommodation of low IQ illegal aliens, a dumbed-down compliant electorate, and easy-to-control progressive media, pointed to Clinton’s Middle East policies that, for the first time in American history, have isolated Israel and brought an unprecedented level of instability to the region.

Podesta highlighted how Clinton, starting her State Department tenure with a reasonably stable Middle East, successfully aided the Obama Administration in eviscerating the domestic security of Iraq, Syria, and Libya, created ISIS and caused millions of radicalized male Muslims to invade Europe bringing indiscriminate rape and genetic attrition.

Reluctant to depart from Hillary’s numerous successful Middle East ventures, Podesta spotlighted Islamic Persia where Clinton laid the groundwork for the Obama/Iran nuclear deal, which will allow the terror theocracy funds and infrastructure to develop an arsenal of apocalyptic weapons.

Saving her most heralded foreign policy achievement for last, Podesta focused on the very profitable Clinton Foundation that collects millions from self-serving foreign and domestic donors seeking classified information and unfettered US government access at the expense and personal safety of the American people.

Resting his case for her foreign policy prowess the campaign chairman referenced Mrs. Clinton’s leadership in the recently desegregated Clinton Global Sex Initiativewhich, founded by former President Bill Clinton, is the world’s largest for profit global sex consortium subjugating scores of minor and barely adult males and females from the world’s poorest countries.

Summing it up Mr. Podesta said the world being a far more fucked up place, with just four years of Hillary as Secretary of State, suggested Americans imagine the endless possibilities if she becomes President.

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