Clinton Still Refuses To Release Pant Size

by Tyrone Watts, Politicoat Thursday 6/9/2016

     Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton reiterated, in a recent statement, that she has no intention of disclosing her pant size to the public prior to the general election in November.

Mrs. Clinton has repeatedly stated her pant size is classified “Top Secret” and releasing the info would be a violation of federal law, despite the FBI restating there is no such classification. A claim the Clinton campaign disputes.

Following Tuesday’s California primary Mrs. Clinton said the American public is not interested in knowing her pant size. Recent polling data, however, suggests voters are intent on knowing how much Mrs. Clinton is likely to eat, if elected President, since they will be paying to feed her.

“Her butt is, like, ten times the size of Obama’s, and he’s black,” Clinton supporter Grace Stevenson said. “As a woman I want to support Hillary for President, but that’s different than supporting her as President. Know what I mean?” Stevenson added, suggesting the cost of feeding Mrs. Clinton could impact national finances.

Stevenson and others questioning Mrs. Clinton’s motives in not disclosing her pant size have gained a powerful ally in Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, himself a Clinton supporter, who says his pick for the White House needs to level with the American people.

“We know it’s big. We just don’t know how big,” Ryan said, insisting that the rear size of a “President Clinton” could affect everything in government operations from the fleet of Air Force One jets, to the presidential motorcade, to the national budgetary process as special appropriations would be needed to expand the size of everything coming into contact with Mrs. Clinton’s huge ass.

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