DNC Picks Sally Boynton Brown As Chair

Critics say new DNC Chair sends message of permanent opposition to Trump administration.

“This bitch puts the ‘crazy white bitch’ in crazy white bitch.”  -Interim DNC Chair Brazil

by Tyrone Watts, Politicoat Wednesday 2/1/2017

Washington, D.C. – Hours after President Trump nominated his choice for Supreme Court justice, the Democratic National Committee announced its selection of Sally Boynton Brown as the new DNC Chair.

Boynton Brown, best known for her witless rant against members of her own race during a DNC forum in Washington, D.C., responded by saying, “I’m a white woman, I don’t get it,” when notified of her selection.

Interim DNC Chair Donna Brazil told reporters the committee’s reasoning behind choosing Brown was simple.

She’s a white lady who don’t like white folks. I mean, can you believe that shit?” laughed Brazil. “Anytime we get some crazy white fool telling other white fools how bad white fools is, we gonna let that white fool talk.”

Brazil: Happy to fill the DNC Chair with an ‘under-qualified nut job’.

Brazil said Boynton Brown, the least qualified and most emotionally unstable of ten DNC Chair candidates, was simply chosen for loathing her own race, recalling when Brown said her job is to “shut other white people down when they want to interrupt.”

Brazil, who amusingly recounted a number of Brown’s racist statements against whites, told reporters, “Yeah, she’s gonna listen to black people when she hears ‘give me yo money, bitch’ and winds up on the receivin’ end of the knock out game. We’ll see how much Miss Idaho loves black people after that. Until then, we gonna let this ball roll.”

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