Family Vacations to Indiana Soar on San Fran, Seattle Travel Bans

Families planning Summer vacations are putting Indiana on their map as San Francisco and Settle issue travel bans against the state following passage of a controversial religious rights law. It is an unexpected turn of events as the liberal West Coast cities clearly expected Americans to follow their lead in boycotting travel to and commerce with the Hoosier State. 
“We’ve never been to Indiana,” said Lori Parker, an Ohio mother of two who admits she has no idea what there is to do in Indiana. “It’s just a relief knowing we can travel somewhere in America and not see Seattle meth zombies with unwashed hair and needles hanging out of their arms.” 
Mike Singelton, a father of three from Texas, said of his family’s planned trip to Indiana, “It’s a bit of a drive for us, but it will be nice taking the kids to a state where aged San Franciscans aren’t walking around with their bodies painted and shriveled genitals exposed.” 
On Thursday San Francisco’s Mayor Ed Lee placed a travel ban on Indiana, stating, “our city will not tolerate legally-sanctioned discrimination,” in reference to the state’s passage of religious rights legislation. In turn Seattle Mayor Ed Murray placed an identical travel ban on Indiana, saying, “Seattle will not tolerate discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people by the State of Indiana.”

Indiana’s so called “Religious Freedom Law” prohibits being born gay, looking “dykeish” and places intense restrictions on “bromances” among heterosexual males in the state. Critics, from professional athletes to CEOs of companies that make trendy electronic shit, say the law is too harsh and leaves the door open for forced internment of unattractive women and extremely attractive men.

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