Fewer DWM Protesting Trump Events

 by Kelly McFelling, Politicoat Saturday 6/11/2016

     A survey of violent protesters at a recent Donald Trump campaign event showed the number of dumb white motherfuckers disrupting Trump rallies is in precipitous decline as more degenerate rapists and welfare recipients from Mexico and the Black Lives Matter movement scare away liberal whites normally allied with illegal aliens and inner city thugs from the progressive left.

Both volunteer and paid dumb white motherfuckers from the Clinton and Sanders camps say they are increasingly fearful of disrupting Trump events as Spanish and Ebonics-speaking illiterates violently and sexually assault pasty progressives assembled to harass peacefully-gathered Trump supporters who are valid US citizens.

“I felt threatened and intimidated by crowds of aggressive people who couldn’t read my anti-Trump sign or t-shirt,” Clinton supporter Jason Keller said after disrupting a Trump rally last Friday in San Jose, CA.

Keller is not alone as scores of dumb white motherfuckers protesting Trump events emerge from the shadows to voice their experiences, despite being labeled racists by political allies.

22-year-old Carl Snodgrass, a residual Bernie Sanders advocate, claims he was on the receiving end of violence at the same San Jose event from Mexican flag-waving protesters who took him for a Trump fan.

“I kept yelling Odio Trump! Odio Trump!” Snodgrass said, holding up a white Bernie Sanders shirt stained red with his own blood. Despite his Bernie shirt and sign reading “No Racism! No Trump!” Mr. Snodgrass was severely beaten and relieved of his belongings by a group of men yelling obscenities about gringos.

Dumb white transgender motherfuckers were especially vulnerable during the chaos in San Jose as gangs of macho males roamed crowds of Trump protesters looking for queers to bludgeon. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo urged transgenders to avoid protesting future Trump events as a matter of personal and public safety.

“As the most precious darlings of the progressive left, we are urging transgender groups avoid disrupting these highly divisive Trump campaign events as the very sight of LGBT people enrages Hispanic and Black faggot-hating males,” Liccardo said.

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