GOP Policy Experts Say “No” To Trump

by Lance Blanchard, Politicoat Monday 5/9/2016

     Top GOP policy veterans are already saying no to jobs they will never be offered under a Trump presidency. Showing who’s boss, scores of former Washington DC executive managers under George W. Bush are saying “count me out” when it comes to the impossibility of being asked to serve in the increasingly probable Trump White House.

“I would never serve in a Trump administration,” said former George W. Bush OMB director James Capretta from the gas station where he works part time as an auto cleaning specialist. “The person at the top would be unfit for the presidency,” continued Capretta while coating the wheels of a gainfully-employed person’s Corvette with extra-wet tire shine.

Former Bush 43 Treasury official Matt McDonald agrees. “I wouldn’t vote for Trump, much less work for him,” said McDonald from behind his station of fresh vegetables and deli meats, expressing how a President Trump would have to settle for less-experienced ‘B and C people’ as opposed to experts like himself who will continue working shitty, low wage jobs in protest.

“You’d have to worry too much about your future career and the way you’d be perceived working for Trump,” added former W. Bush EPA undersecretary Jack Barlow from a PITSTOP USA where he exchanges automobile fluids in 30 minutes or less.

Former Republican policy experts from the Energy to Defense are showing they mean business by refusing any of the 3000 high-level federal jobs they will never be offered by the Trump Administration.

The lack of experienced people willing to staff the world’s most costly and ineffectual
government is, however, worrying voters who share concerns that, under a Trump presidency, Washington will no longer be able to provide top-level incompetence and inefficiency.

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