Hillary Assures Jewish Group She Won’t Be Anything Like Hitler

Democrat front runner Hillary Clinton at AIPAC

by Paul Bernstein, Politicoat Monday 3/21/2016

     Speaking before thousands of Jewish Americans this morning in Washington DC, 2016 Democrat front runner Hillary Clinton promised members of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) her presidency would be nothing like what Jews in Nazi Germany endured under Adolph Hitler. 

“First I want to say we will not be interning Americans based on ethnic or religious grounds, but political affiliation,” shouted Clinton to an applauding convention of liberal, Democrat-voting Jewish Americans. 

After seizing the presidency Mrs. Clinton plans a record-setting interment of Americans who vote Republican, own firearms, or believe anything in the New Testament, but, according to sources within her campaign, has promised to repeat none of the “inefficiencies” of the failed Nazi regime. 

Promoting an “if you like your interment camp you can keep it” narrative, Clinton 2016 staffers are certain her message will resonate with progressives, illiterates, and illegals bused in by the millions to vote “Hillary” in November.

“People who didn’t support Hillary for president will be interned locally,” said Robby Mook, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign manager. “This will prevent so called traditional families being separated from each other. We know how important biological and community relationships are to them,” continued Mook, who said it was too soon to address the subject of mass executions when camps fill beyond capacity. “It’s too early for that,” said Mook, claiming plans to execute hoards confined, starved conservative Americans might not garner overwhelming support from the Democrat base.

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