Hillary Attacks Bernie With “Berries”

Clinton: “You know what they’re calling Bernie nowadays, don’t you?”
by Tyrone Watts, Politicoat Tuesday 5/24/2016

     Increasingly annoyed with Bernie Sanders persistent hanging around, the Clinton campaign employed a series of slogans aimed at diminishing the Vermont Senator’s populous cling among Democratic voters ahead of the vital California primary.

Specifically, Secretary Clinton used a variety of unappetizing derogatory phrases to describe her rival as a delinquent partial turd stubbornly clinging to the butt bush of the Democratic primary landscape.

During a Los Angeles town hall Clinton repeatedly called Sanders “Senator Dingelberry” before moving onto a working families speaking event where she referred to her chief rival as “Captain Dingelbery” and “Uncle Dingelberry” ending the day, as only a Clinton would, with a fundraiser where she solidified the personification of her plucky elderly opponent as “Grandpa Dingelberry”.

“No one knows how to repeat stuff over and over like Hillary,” said Robie Mook, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign manager. “We’re using the imagery of stinky residual poo to emotionally dislodge Bernie from his base of support,” said Mook, who is managing Clinton’s imploding 2016 White House bid after demonstrating her insurmountable unpopularity in the 2008 evisceration by, then, Senator Barack Obama. “We got a real winner with this dingleberry thing, and the Sanders camp better watch out,” added Mook.

In response, Senator Bernie Sanders says he somewhat likes the names as they have a nice ring. “Personally. I think. The names. Secretary Clinton. Has. Chosen. For me. Are. Kind of. Endearing,” commented Sanders.

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