Hillary Taunts FBI Director With Orange Blouse Speech

by Jose Ramirez, Politicoat Saturday 6/4/2016

     Unindicted super villain Hillary Clinton made light of the criminal investigation into her diffusion of national security secrets this week when she, during a speech lambasting Donald Trump as a danger to self-serving kleptocrats holding public office, taunted FBI Director James Comey by wearing a prison orange-colored blouse.

Mrs. Clinton made no direct mention of Comey, or the hundreds of FBI agents pouring over emails, documents, and witnesses related to her criminality as Secretary of State, but repeatedly flaunted and gestured toward the orange blouse during her 30 minute fat vagina monologue suggesting to the top law enforcement agent that she, as an anointed Obama surrogate, is completely untouchable.

Reporters who spoke with the unusually reserved FBI Director say Comey was uncharacteristically annoyed by Clinton’s blatant disrespect for his agency and the rule of law.

“As I watched Mrs. Clinton’s lips flapping like a naked fat man on a speeding motorcycle, her mouth opening and closing like that of a large carp in a warm, stagnant pond ingesting its own crap, I could not hear her words for the deafening sound of her orange blouse,” Comey said, visibly upset by Clinton’s garment and defiant innuendo.

Hillary 2016 Chief Strategist Joel Benenson, who colluded with Mrs. Clinton on the orange blouse dig, said the FBI Director is overreacting. “Those guys at the Bureau are really a bunch of tight asses who need to invest in a sense of humor,” Benenson said. “Mrs. Clinton has repeatedly stated she is innocent, did nothing wrong, and has absolutely zero chance of being indicted following this routine security inquiry.”

FBI Director Comey, when asked to comment on Benenson’s statement, shot back, “that’s a pretty fucked up thing to say considering, as the nation’s gate keeper of security clearances, the FBI is investigating his candidate on suspicion of treasonous felonies that could have her wearing orange everyday for the remainder of her life.”

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