Historical Exchange Shows Jefferson Knew Hamilton Would Have Own Musical

 by Lance Blanchard, Politicoat Thursday 6/9/2016

     With a smash Broadway hit applauding his life, Alexander Hamilton has never been more popular. The founding father of chronic inflation and endless global intervention, however, had his share of political enemies; none more prominent than Thomas Jefferson.

Although Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton highlighted the Jefferson/Hamilton conflict, real hatred among the two historical giants was far more contentious as demonstrated by a series of recently surfaced exchanges between the two men during the presidency of George Washington.

In the first exchange Jefferson accuses Hamilton of being too elitist. From there Hamilton fires back in what became one of history’s most heated conversations….

Yo, we got a problem, by the way, you it
Authority to the people is what we get, when elites like you ain’t made legit
Givin power to the folks, of America, is why we stomped the ass of King George with hysteria

I’m gonna feel free, not to agree
Common folk should rise up and get made like me
Well bred motherfuckers, then they’ll be
Can’t have fools, with limited knowledge, breathin’ air with my homies from King’s College
You farm boys want to play at our table?
Stop diggin in dirt, and get mentally able

Ho-ly shit I don’t believe my ears
Nigga so freak you bring a bitch to tears
No one gettin why you want strong central government,
against all the tenants of our blood-soaked covenant
We did not fight to destroy oppression,
to build it all back and quench your fucked obsession

Now, now J you done crossed the line
Have to blast your ass with some deadly rhymes
We need government that’s relevant and evident in any event
that’s prevalent to our global intent
So move little nigga, or get your black ass spent, cuz I’ll vent til you bent n ain’t payin yo rent
Hicks like you take a moment or two
Come out the caves, 
lace some shoes

Oh yeah, that’s right. I see where this is goin
Smokin that weed Great Britain be growin
We fought a war, to strike from our shores the very system
you’re telling us all to adore?
You want democracy, but for the yous and mes, a body broke
into three, without liberty?

Libertyz for the few, for the mes and the yous,
only people smart enough, to carry strong views
Weak-minded fools need not apply
Theirs is not to ask, or question why,
but to answer our call, to do and die
Freedom’s like a fire that you can’t put out
Low bred motherfuckers oughta give you some doubt
We can’t trust the future, of this great nation, to people up a
tick from a slave’s life station

I think I’ve heard enough so I’m callin your bluff
You took a stand, in quicksand with your gland in ya hand,
sinkin without thinkin like a man who can’t stand, that
people ain’t born to appease the state
Look around you bitch, that’s what folks here hate
Where the fuck you from? You drop outta the sky?
Hitch a wayback nigga, have another try
We created this nation, as a demonstration, that humanity and liberty are not confrontation

I’m so sorry, I forgot where I was
In presence of a fool not part of a cause
Your vision for America is to take us nowhere,
even though I know you got no plan to get there
Government control is the way of the future
Big banks, rich elite, interventionist ventures
I expect no less form a country bumpkin
Schooled in the sticks, bangin pumpkins

A fool I may be but I hope not to see,
how fast you bitches, can ruin this country
I fear for our future if you are followed,
cuz so much bullshit will the people have swallowed
Workin to make our constitution refutable?
Shit, someday you’ll have a gay-ass musical
As for my schooling, I beg to differ
It was planned and formal, and a might less quicker
I know you’re a lawyer with a little experience, 
in the practice of nothing too adult or serious
So if you want advice, I’ll give some to go
They’re looking for judges, down in Mexico


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