Homeless Klansman Sues Local Shelter

by Chong Wong, Politicoat Friday 4/15/2016

     Less than two months after stabbings at a KKK rally just miles from the Disneyland them park, a self-proclaimed Klansman is turning up Spring temperatures on a city where racial tensions are higher than a Snoop Dogg tour bus.

Homeless 64-year-old Anaheim native Ted Kramer, who claims to be a member of the Fourth Order KKK, is suing the Crisis Bed Homeless Shelter for destruction of personal property and racial discrimination. 

According to Kramer a bag of personal items, including a white robe and conical hat, was disposed of by shelter personnel without his consent. In addition to unauthorized destruction of his belongings Kramer is suing for what he contends are “too many goddamn niggers” housed at the shelter which he believes should be diversified with white hobos.

Kramer’s attorney argues the shelter violated his client’s First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights when it discarded Kramer’s personal items and evicted him, before the conclusion of his city-mandated 30 day reservation, for merely espousing his views on shelter demographics.

“Mr. Kramer, in his less-than-diplomatic manner, was simply trying to be helpful by suggesting Crisis Bed become more racially diversified and should not have had his belongings destroyed, nor himself evicted,” said Marshall Pencrest, council for plaintiff.

Twiahkeesha Jones, a former resident turned supervisor at the Crisis Bed Shelter, contends she and her staff had no choice but to discard Kramer’s belongings due to limited space in the 200 bed, 4000 square foot facility. “We had to toss his shit,” said Jones, saying Kramer’s KKK wardrobe was offensive to many of the shelter’s residents.

Kramer is also seeking damages in separate civil suits against the shelter and the City of Anaheim on account he was mugged after being evicted. The assault resulted in the theft of Kramer’s wallet and state voter ID card, which he will need to vote in the upcoming CA primary considering he is white and assumed to support Donald Trump.

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