‘Kimmel’ Cancels Belly and The Weekend, Books Trump

by Lance Blanchard, Politicoat Thursday 5/26/2016

     Viewers of Wednesday night’s airing of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” saw Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, but not musical guests Belly and The Weekend.

Raper Belly was scheduled to perform his hit song “Might Not,” which features singer The Weekend, but a representative for Jimmy Kimmel confirmed the artists were canceled by ABC for being overly disparaging towards bitches, niggas, and hoes.

“As strong believers in equal rights for all, ABC Studios is taking a stand against performers Belly and The Weekend for lyrics, music, and videos that promote negative and derogatory representations of niggas and bitches, plus depict hoes as predominately obsessed with money, drugs, and male genitalia,” a press release from ABC stated.

In an effort to appease ‘Kimmel Live’ viewers who were expecting to hear niggas and hoes negatively referenced by a poorly-educated, low talent rap group, ABC alternatively booked presidential hopeful Donald Trump whom effortlessly manages to offend all niggas and bitches, not to mention illiterate wetbacks from the Orwellian rape nation of Mexico.

Bumped Belly and The Weekend replied to the ‘Kimmel Live’ cancellation in a written statement to ABC saying, “Listen hoes, I know all you bitches want is liquor, smoke, dick and dough. We’z gonna let this slide, but my niggas get-in violent. Gotta go. Hippy bitches sendin’ me titty pictures.”

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