Michelle Obama: “Elect Hillary So Barack Don’t Go Da Jail”

by Shannon Kelding, Politicaot Monday 10/31/2016

Stumping for presidential contender Hillary Clinton last week, First Lady Michelle Obama urged voters to elect the Democrat nominee to keep her husband, President Barack Obama, from going to prison under a “law and order” Trump administration.

Siting Mrs. Clinton’s completely unconvincing concern for children and women, Mrs. Obama elaborated how a President Trump would “drop a can of whop ass on Barack” by assigning an army special prosecutors to invetigate the criminality of her husband’s administration, possibly locating his Keynan birth certificate despite being racist to assert anyone was born in Kenya.

Shit be getin’ real up in here,” Mrs. Obama told a few hundred loyal supporters as Democrats tied to the administration reportedly destroy personal computers, laptops, and smart phone devices by the tens of thousands. 

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