Migrants Complain Of Fewer Benefits, Rape Opportunities In US

Jesus Sanchez (lower center behind Jesus Garcia but in front of Jesus Martinez and to the left of Jesus Alvarez) says, “Obama. No.” from a house in Tucson, AZ

by Kelly McFelling, Politicoat Sunday 4/3/2016

What is being called a “clash of violent rape cultures” has become a hot button issue for the outgoing Commander in Chief as increasing numbers of illegal immigrants, freely crisscrossing the US/Mexico border, criticize President Obama’s plan to bring millions of illiterate, radicalized, violent Muslim men into the US from regions torn apart by the Administration’s Mid East policies.

The central issue in the dispute between violent rapists from Mexico, Central, and South America, and their counterparts form Syria, Libya, and Iraq, is the limited availability of US government funds and American females.

Send the Muslims to Europe. There are plenty of women and government money there,” said Jesus Sanchez speaking through a Spanish language interpreter.

Sanchez is one of many illegals, freely and profitably residing in the US on government benefits, concerned that the President’s newest immigration policy will result in fewer criminal opportunities for Hispanic illegals, including availability of non-compliant women. “Resources are limited,” added Sanchez.

In a Saturday afternoon briefing White House Press Secretary Jay Carney explained that the President’s Islamification initiatives will not result in a clash between illegal Hispanic immigrants and jihadist refugees, but will be a net gain for both groups as the lives and property of American citizens will “more than fulfill the demand,” bringing much-needed diversity to American society and its gene pool through a stark increase of involuntary sexual relationships.

The President has been very clear that he sees no conflict of interest between migrants from Mexico and Central America and refugees from Syria and Libya,” Said Carney. “His accommodating both groups into the US fulfills his objectives for America and America’s obligations to the world.”

Congressional Republicans siding with the American public believe the President’s plan to import millions of radicalized Muslims, while allowing millions more illegals through the open southern border, will result in a massive and unprecedented criminalization of American society, yet have absolutely no plans to do anything about it.

Obama is keeping the southern border wide open while importing as many jihadi rapists as he can before January 2017,” said a Republican senator who requested to not be named due to voting for the majority of Obama’s policies while verbally pretending to oppose them. 

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