Obama Gives Amnesty To Billions Of Zika Mosquitoes

by Lance Blanchard, Politicoat Friday 4/15/216

     With the stroke of a pen President Barack Obama has made it possible for billions of Zika contaminated mosquitoes to enter and legally remain in the United States for the purpose of infecting American citizens with mental retardation.

Since allowing in millions of illegal aliens from Mexico to South America, the US has seen unprecedented levels of crime and unemployment as lives and jobs of native-born Americans have been taken by illiterate and violent migrants.“America has helped alleviate the stress of violence and poverty on our neighbors to the south by sharing the burden of rape and murder while providing American jobs to their most needy citizens,” Obama said earlier from the White House briefing room.

The President said he wishes to offer the same hand to mosquitoes of the region by using American citizens as sponges to “soak up” the virus so it will be less of a burden on nations to the south, including Brazil where Zika and violent crime are decimating 2016 Summer Olympic ticket sales.

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