Obama Glowing Over Weak Jobs Report

by Shannon Kelding, Politicoat Friday 5/6/2016
     Speaking earlier from the White House briefing room, President Obama was upbeat about today’s job numbers where the US economy added 43,000 fewer jobs in the month of April than predicted by top economists. “For employed Americans who haven’t lost their jobs to automation, foreign outsourcing, or illiterate immigrants, just wait. Your time is coming,” said a radiant Obama to a gathering of anointed journalists.

The President followed by saying today’s disappointing jobs report demonstrate how all is going according to his eight year, Soviet-style plan to completely ruin America; the world’s only historical reference to freedom and individual liberty. The President ended by criticizing political and legislative opposition to importing millions of male rapists from regions destabilized by his administration’s Africa and Middle East policies.

The poor job figures also offered journalists another opportunity to attack capitalism and free markets, not practiced in the US since 1820, which provided cover for the intentionally destructive legacy of America’s first foreign-born and simultaneously worst president.

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