Obama Says “Fuck It.” Calls All Muslims To Jihad

by Kelly McFelling, Politicaot Saturday 6/18/2016
     Unleashing a scathing rebuke of Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association, following last Sunday’s DOJ-engineered terror attack in Orlando, President Obama called on all Muslims to wage Jihad on America.
Issuing his fatwa from the White House Obama stated all Muslims in the US and abroad should immediately wage holy war on Americans “to the best of your ability,” despite him being unable to legislatively, or by executive action, disarm the American public.
“The President is keenly aware how much more difficult it might be to fundamentally transform the nation into a caliphate with such a heavily-armed population, but with only seven months before the end of his term he faces a now-or-never situation,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, clarifying the timing of Obama’s comments.
Sources close to the White House say Obama will work with his global partners ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood in facilitating future attacks, including the use of WMDs to aid in the carnage of non-believers in the US and western nations throughout the world.
“The President is exploring every option in his ongoing partnership with ISIL and other global terror groups to make this Jihad one that will forever change the course of human history,” Earnest added.

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