Obama To Give ISIS Militants US Government Jobs

by Tyrone Watts, Politicoat Thrusday 2/19/2015

Seeking to promote job growth among perverted Muslims, President Barack Obama announced he will offer ISIS militants thousands of employment opportunities with the US government.

“The possibilities are endless,” said Obama, as he rolled out his plan to tame Islamic savages with  bureaucratic desk work. “It’s a good way to get money and I-Phones into the pockets of these undeserved, disenfranchised youths,” the President continued. “Before you know it they’ll be tweeting and taking selfies instead off chopping of heads and setting people on fire.”

Critics are concerned, but not too much. In typical accommodating fashion CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked, “Mr. President, are you not worried that placing ISIS militants in US government jobs will be a security risk to the United States?” To which the President replied, “Not at all, Wolf. A recent multinational summit on violent extremism has determined this is the best course for ISIS, and  America.”

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