Outrage As Trump Supporters Mace Female Protester

Trump Protester Feeling, and Tasting, The “Bern”

 by Shannon Kelding, Politicoat Friday 4/1/2016

     Adding to their candidate’s struggling image problems among female voters, supporters for Donald Trump pepper sprayed a young anti-Trump protester during a campaign event earlier this week in Janesville, WI.

The victim, 15-year-old Alexis Duke, strewn among a crowd of totally white, yet inexplicably angry, Black Lives Matter protesters, skipped school to throw herself on the front lines of the temporal battle between haves and have nots as she faced hundreds, if not thousands, of Trump fans.

For embattled Trump supporters, whose candidate had his worst week in the history of his ten month race for the White House, the incident was seen as a much-needed morale boost. “Nothing lifts the spirits of patriotic Americans like seeing the eyes, nose, and throat of an enraged leftist filled with OC,” said Trump supporter Tom Lanken, referring to Oleoresin Capsicum or “pepper spray” as it is know to an increasing number of Black Lives Matter activists.

“No one thought to ask what the hell a white 15-year-old kid is doing at a BLM protest in the middle of a school day, but I think she got a face full of reasons to stay in school next time,” said Lanken. 

According to follow up reports, Miss Duke’s mother had no idea her daughter left school to attend the anti-Trump protest and, although furious her daughter was absent, is simultaneously relieved to know there is a publicly-available chemical compound that will stop her daughter’s endless political rants about white privilege and social inequality relating to wealth.

“I don’t know what particular brand of pepper spray was used on Alexis,” said the teen’s mother, “but I’m willing to find out and keep some around for the next time she comes home raging about free college and black genocide.”

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