Pelosi Battles Involuntary Commitment

Overdue for departure septuagernarian fights court order to the psyche ward.

by Shannon Kelding. Politicoat Thursday 3/9/2017

Washington D.C. – After a career of inexplicable psychotic episodes, entrenched House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is facing the biggest battle of her life as Democrat colleagues use psychiatrists and courts to force the near 15 term dinosaur out of the nation’s house and into the nut house.

She’s crazy, and I don’t mean, you know, woman crazy,” said Ohio Representative Tim Ryan who challenged Pelosi for minority House leadership following the tragic 2016 presidential defeat of Hillary Clinton.

Ryan noted Pelosi, as the model of failed leadership in the Democrat gerontocracy, not only lost both congressional houses, with her support for Obamacare and the Obama presidency, but her mind in a “soup of sever psychosis”.

If the Democratic party is going to have a future we’ve got to get rid of the crazy people running it,” followed Ryan.

Democrat legislators have been debating the seriousness of Pelosi’s mental illness since she displayed disturbing psychotic episodes before and after the passage of Obamacare. A measure that resulted in the Democrat party losing thousands of state and federal offices.

Defenders of the minority leader say her insistence to remain in congress until, apparently, death is about protecting former President Obama’s legacy.

This isn’t about the legacy of Barack Obama. Voters have been eviscerating that since 2010. There is no Obama legacy. It’s gone. Erased,” said Representative Ryan. “Democrats need to realize our version of America’s first black president was a complete and total disaster.”

House Democrats are not alone as many of their senate colleagues agree with the clinical decision to bring an end to Pelosi’s time in free society, observing how commitment to a mental institution is the correct and humane course of action.

She could have taken a cue from (former) Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) and jumped off the ship she helped sink,” said an unnamed senior senate staffer with decades of legislative authorship.

Despite losing dozens of House seats, not to mention control of the entire US government, Representative Pelosi continues to publicly insist Americans are happy with Obamacare, the past eight years a major success, and prefer Democrat over Republican government,” said the staffer.

She keeps telling the country how appreciative they should be for all the work we’ve done over the past eight years, despite that “work” costing Democrats every branch of government,” said Representative Ryan. “No mystery why clinicians and courts decided to have her committed.”

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