Police Ask Citizens To Stop Shooting Clowns

by Chong Wong, Politicoat Wednesday 9/27/2016

Ebensberg, PA – Police departments from Pennsylvania to Florida are asking citizens to stop shooting clowns on sight.

Clown shootings have dramatically risen in recent weeks as clowns emerge from wooded areas to approach schools and playgrounds in attempts to lure children away with balloons and candy.

Ebensberg Police Department spokesperson Captain Emily Pine said she empathizes with those wanting to ‘down clowns‘ but reminds it is unlawful to discharge firearms in residential areas unless threatened with bodily harm.

We understand people feel an immediate need to shoot clowns roaming their neighborhoods, but we’re asking folks to show restraint and call the police when they see one,” Captain Pine said.

Current laws are ambiguous when it comes to shooting the creepy buffoons, and discharging a gun within city limits usually carries a misdemeanor charge for which offenders are issued paper citations and small fines jokingly called ‘clown tags’.

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