Poll: Hillary “Trumps” On Foreign Policy

Meet “Mr. Doesn’t-know-it-all”



by Tyrone Watts, Politicoat Tuesday 3/29/2016

     A poll taken ahead of the upcoming Wisconsin Republican primary revealed unsettling results for Republican front runner Donald Trump. In a head to head match between Trump and Democrat rival Hillary Clinton an overwhelming majority of voters believe Clinton has more foreign policy experience in getting people killed.

A whopping 98 percent of Americans surveyed say Clinton, in comparison to her utmost Republican rival,  has superior foreign policy experience in four major areas: destabilizing foreign regions and causing major humanitarian crisis, the creation of prophetical terrorist organizations, disseminating top secret US intelligence to the extent of capture, torture, and execution of American and foreign agents, and the abandonment of American foreign service staff under attack by Islamic militants.

“Compared to Mrs. Clinton, Trump, who has never directly killed or even been responsible for the death of a single innocent person, is completely unqualified to hold the office of chief global interventionist,” said Clinton 2016 Chief Strategist Joel Bennenson.

The poll, furthermore, indicates most believe a President Clinton would continue to weaken the world’s only beacon of constitutionally-protected natural human rights, and uphold the Obama doctrine of transforming the US into an apocalyptic shit hole.

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