Poll: Support Surges For Gun Control

by Tyrone Watts, Politicoat Thursday 6/30/2016

     More than 100 percent of those surveyed in a Quinnipiac University poll say they support stricter gun control including a nationwide ban on all firearms following a mass shooting hate crime at an Orlando, Florida nightclub.

The poll results also demonstrated strong support for already in place background checks, bans on privately-owned battle tanks, and the placement of every registered Republican onto the national terror watch list.

Over 105 percent of those asked said they want tougher laws despite overwhelming proof no gun legislation in congress would have prevented the San Bernardino and Orlando shooters from obtaining weapons, or 9-11 attackers airplanes.

110 percent of those polled said the US would be less safe if more Americans carried guns, as opposed to a negative 10 percent who said armed Americans and elimination of gun free zones will make active shootings and terror attacks less likely.

It only makes sense at a time when homophobic gun lovers can obtain weapons of war that Americans would want more security from the federal government by having their guns confiscated,” Quinnipiac University President John L. Lakey said from his office in Hamden, Connecticut.

Considered extremely reputable and accurate, the Quinnipiac University gun poll carefully surveyed a handful of students from its Liberal and Performing Arts colleges, taking care to warn each pollee of highly inflammatory trigger words like “gun” and “control” so students prone to super sensitive fits of hysteria could avoid being polled all together.

Quinnipiac Uni Students

Quinnipiac students react to their university’s gun control survey before informed “being polled” means “to answer questions,” not corn holed by a cylindrical metal object.



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