President Obama’s Racial Healing Comes To Charlotte

by Paul Bernstein, Polticoat Thursday 9/22/2016

Charlotte, NC – Tapping nearly eight highly successful years as the nation’s greatest unifier, President Barack Obama addressed the racial violence in Charlotte today by blatantly ignoring the fuck out of it.

In a private phone conversation, however, the President did offer guidance to Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts who said the President’s words were ‘as useful as a bulging grocery sack of dog shit burning on the front steps of city hall.’

Earlier today I spoke with President Obama who, from a golf course, lectured me about purging my police department of systemically racist officers. I thanked the President for offering absolutely nothing and preemptively expressed Charlotte’s gratitude for the race-baiting speech he will, no doubt, make stoking more violence sure to cause greater destruction to our city and deaths among our citizens,” Roberts said.

Obama: "Happy rioting motherfuckers!"

Obama: “Happy rioting motherfuckers!”

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