Refugees Fleeing Obama’s Transgender America

Potty Social Justice Warrior US Attorney General Loretta Lynch

by Shannon Kelding, Politicaot Thursday 5/12/2016

In a worst case scenario of unintended consequences the Obama Justice Department, by forcing transgender sex onto the American public, has disenfranchised a key constituency as millions of violent refugees from the Middle East flee the United States over undateable women being allowed use of public restrooms not correlated to their birth genitals.

Muhammad al-Salam, former ISIS operative from the Syrian front, was recently granted refugee status in American suburbia after being refused entry into Turkey for possessing weapons, explosives, and human heads. “I cannot believe dis Obama transgender sheeet,” said al-Salam. “First he say he us. Now he want us pee with woman. On what toilet does he sit?” lamented al-Salam yelling, “Fak Obama! Fak him!”

The White House has gone into full crisis mode to prevent a mass exodus of violent male refugees as their departure from the US would threaten the President’s multifaceted approach of using sexual assault, jihad, and Marxist engineering to unravel what remains of American social fabric.

Speaking from the White House briefing room Press Secretary Josh Earnest explained how broadening already generous financial benefits to men from the most violent and socially dysfunctional places on earth is important to the President, as is completely ruining the United States between now and the end of his term. “Although the President did not foresee this level of anger coming from the violent male refugee community he is taking necessary measures to accommodate the two counter cultures for the purpose of transforming America into an unrecognizable shit hole,” Earnest said.

Critics of the President’s bifurcated policy of forced transsexualism and importation of violent, irrational men say it is wishful thinking as militant Muslims will never populate a country whose national priority is allowing women access to male restrooms.

The political schism has also exposed a divide between progressive transsexuals, who are welcoming to anyone not from the civilized Western world, and their intolerant male refugee counterparts who happily and readily decapitate any LGBT person within reach.

Muhammad al-Salam and his comrades from the Syrian front say they will repetition for asylum in Europe where transgender policies are not forced onto the public yet where governments are apt to blame their own citizens for being raped and murdered by violent migrants disgusted by Western society.

Submitting an emergency spending bill to congress, the Obama administration has requested billions of deficit dollars to prevent scores of violent, low IQ Syrian war fighters from leaving the country in transphobic droves while promising to keep public and school restrooms open to potential sex offenders claiming transgender toilet privileges.

Former Obama supporter al-Salam: “Fak him!”

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