State Avoids 400 Transgender Jobs On Bathroom Bill

by Shannon Kelding, Politicoat Wednesday 4/6/2016

     An outmoded adherence to morals and common decency seems to have gotten North Carolina exactly what it wanted as San Jose-based Pay Pal (PYPL) recently scrapped plans to build a transgender processing facility in the Tar Heel city of Charlotte.

The fallout comes as Pay Pal CEO Dan Schulman took issue with NC law that mandates men, who claim to be women, use public restroom facilities corresponding to the gender on their birth certificates.

According to Schulman the gender-specific law would prohibit transgender Pay Pal associates from using restrooms applicable to the gender of their choosing when they feel the urge to pee or crap.

We have team members who struggle with gender identity on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis,” said Schulman in a long-winded statement from Pay Pal HQ. “Just because an associate leaves for work assuming they are a man or woman doesn’t mean they won’t have a completely different sexual understanding of themselves by the time they arrive to work,” he added. “We can’t open a facility where 400 transgender associates are unable to relieve themselves in restrooms relating to their gender of choice.”  

When asked whether the overwhelming majority of non-transgender North Carolinians, who support the new law, have any human civil right to feel safe in public restrooms or know their children will not be subject to mixed gender exposure at school, Schulman replied, “We stand behind our transgender allies who understand and seek important social change through constrained diversity.”

Schulman’s transgender activism is not, however, playing well on Wall Street where fund managers, heavily invested in Pay Pal stock, see the CEO’s politics translating into more controversy than financial gain.

Frankly I’ve had it with Silicon Valley’s social justice warrior bullshit.” Mark Bics is a hedge fund manager with millions in Pay Pal holdings. “It’s intellectually bankrupt and fucking up a lot of good stocks,” said the 43-year-old trader, noting Pay Pal is one of many tech sector stocks under performing major indexes. “SChulman is earning a massive salary to bring value to Pay Pal and the shareholders who own it, not to fight over toilet time for dudes with pink hair and nipple clamps.”

Some experts believe North Carolina could experience unprecedented growth in character if it continues to defend moral standards and social propriety.

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