Trump Finally Meets Black Caucus Member Following Cancellations

Topic was lowering occurrences of black criminality and mob violence.

By Tyrone Watts, Politicoat Wednesday 3/8/2017

Washington D.C. – Top Congressional Black Caucus member Elijah Cummings (D-MD) met with President Donald Trump on Wednesday to discuss reducing highly disproportionate occurrences of black on white, black on Asian, black on elderly, black on everybody violence overwhelming America’s chocolate cities.

Cummings cancelled several prior meetings due to the President’s unwillingness to recognize white privilege as the primary cause of large scale black rape, murder, and assaults toward non-blacks.

I was willing to meet with the President to discuss white society’s role in causing black crime but wanted recognition for how people of color are compelled because white privileged is so pervasive throughout this country,” Cummings said after finally accepting the President’s invitation.

Sources close to the Oval Office say the meeting got off to a rocky start when White House staff centered on millions of American blacks having an average IQ 15 points below that of European and Asian Americans, attributing the differences  to higher levels of black criminality via lower levels of intellect and rationality.

“We are simply trying to change the ineffective system of expecting everyone to be the same,”said a White House source who would not be named due to the expectation of being called racist for telling the truth“There will never be a solution to millions of African Americans clogging the criminal justice system until we recognize vast differences between higher and lower IQ Americans, and stop blaming disproportionate black criminality on erroneous excuses of slavery and white privileged,” said the source.

Representative Cummings, visibly angered by the genetic fact that most blacks are less rational and educable, called his meeting with the White House a “racist sham.”

It is the single most racist thing I’ve heard since the President called all Mexicans racists, I mean rapists,” said Cummings in a press briefing outside the Oval Office.

Average IQ Mexico: 88

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