Trump Muslim Ban Mod Throws Security Experts

by Lance Blanchard, Politicoat Thursday 6/30/2016

     In a recent statement Donald Trump said he will modify his once universal ban on Muslims entering the US to a specific ban on Muslims from nations with a history of terrorism against the United States.

Domestic security experts from the FBI to DHS are, however, perplexed by Mr. Trump’s proposed policy shift as one hundred percent of all Islamic terror attacks on American soil were perpetuated by Muslim Americans or Muslims legally residing in the US.

We are trying to understand how we would comply with a ‘President Trump’ modified Muslim ban targeting dangerous Muslims already living in the US from entering the country,” FBI Director James Comey said from and earlier press conference.

James Comey

FBI Dir Comey trying to strike a balance as radical Muslims in US await specifics on Trump ban.

According to security experts from numerous intelligence agencies 600,000 to 900,000 of the 3.5 million Muslims residing in the US hold radical Islamic beliefs or are willing to conduct operations against non-Muslim Americans as seen in the 9-11, San Bernardino, and Orlando terror attacks.

This reality presents a conundrum for domestic security professionals left scratching their heads about how to ban thousands of Islamic radicals from the US who already live here.

Recently a roundtable of national security professionals from all branches of DNI-affiliated agencies gathered in Washington DC to address the contradictory Muslim ban issue. The group, however, dismissed early and spent the remainder of the day drinking in Georgetown.

Our intel roundtable concluded it’s a lot easier getting fucked out of our brains pub crawling than figuring out a ban on nearly a million jihadi warriors living in towns and cities throughout America,” one intelligence analyst said over horribly stale barf breath.


How US National Security is really handled

So far presidential candidate Trump has not elaborated on his unconditional-turned-conditional Muslim ban and is not expected to do so anytime between now and the election in November.

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